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Zombies Cannot Swim

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“Zombies cannot swim. Get a boat.”

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05.29.12, 3:48 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

He’s got a point.

06.02.12, 3:46 PM | Posted by Birdstar

Maybe they can, though… :O

06.02.12, 3:46 PM | Posted by Birdstar

:( 😀

06.03.12, 11:56 AM | Posted by Mirrormall

arrghhww (slobber)…igor wants to swimm…blub*

06.21.12, 8:11 PM | Posted by sherry

i have a bill, so funny

08.17.12, 11:40 AM | Posted by Rather dull dead corpse

Son: Mom I need a boat!
Mom: (baffled) But, but…
Son: Right now otherwise, they we won’t have fresh brains to eat.

08.18.12, 6:47 PM | Posted by Lisa

Actaully if they watched enough zombie movies they would knoe that they can swim, becuase they don’t breath and can just walk on the bottom. lol

08.24.12, 6:54 PM | Posted by therealhannah

have any of you people read the sixth harry potter book, near the end, with the Inferi? then you would KNOW they cant swim!!!! >:(

06.01.13, 10:38 AM | Posted by LolManLoloL

What if the zombies gat a boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06.02.13, 6:32 AM | Posted by Jessica

Can’t SWIM but they don’t have to breathe so it doesn’t matter. They would just make a zombie pyramid to reach the top and walk along the bottom bc they don’t need to breathe. ugh.

12.18.14, 1:32 PM | Posted by Yoshi

This sign may be at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, but I can’t be sure.

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