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Sounds like a nice place to visit!

“Lock Your Car – Take your Keys – Hide Your Belonging”

Submitted by Andrew Wolgemuth

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07.10.12, 6:18 AM | Posted by therealhannah

doesnt belongings include the CAR, too?

10.04.12, 1:22 AM | Posted by C Minor

im not sure i could do it in that order… hum,

06.15.13, 10:57 PM | Posted by Darkus

Wait, it says belonging, not belongings. So… which one should I pick?

04.08.14, 5:58 PM | Posted by Stuart

It says gps

04.26.14, 5:03 PM | Posted by Allie

Actually, these signs are ALL OVER Dallas. I see them almost everywhere I go.

01.15.15, 11:01 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Even a bus, a restroom or a preschool, Allie?

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