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“Do No Use The Reflection Off This Glass To Check Yourself Out. Thank You”

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08.02.11, 3:43 PM | Posted by Anphicle

But attracting people to stop and photo the sign is OK haha.

02.14.12, 4:57 PM | Posted by doug

i cant anyway the sign is blocking my reflection

02.22.12, 2:35 PM | Posted by jam+jelly

Damn it!!!! They caught me:L

05.25.12, 2:27 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

As seen posted at Ed’s Clinic for Paranoid Delusionals.

11.07.12, 8:27 AM | Posted by Christof

woops…. I broke a rule for the restaraunt… WHERE’S MY MONEY?!!?

11.10.13, 12:17 PM | Posted by bob

i’m still trying to figure out the tape on the lower right corner

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