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You Do Not Play for the Cardinals

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“Please Remember:

1. These are kids

2. This is a game

3. The coaches volunteer

4. The umpires are human

5. You do not play for the Cardinals

City of Metropolis Dept of Parks & Recreation”

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07.29.12, 9:51 AM | Posted by jorgie

Who are the cardinals

08.11.12, 6:56 PM | Posted by J-Money

Since it’s a baseball field, probably St. Louis.

08.24.12, 6:28 PM | Posted by therealhannah

no no…. the umpires are VAMPIRES!

11.22.12, 2:48 AM | Posted by David

I suppose Superman won’t be at the games anytime soon.

01.23.13, 7:46 PM | Posted by Don

This sign should be at every little league ball park in America.

10.25.13, 8:23 PM | Posted by name

@ Don, I agree.

A similar sign would’ve been useful when my cousin played basketball in junior high.

12.26.14, 1:22 PM | Posted by Georgia

It looks as though the sign is from Metropolis, Illinois – home of Superman.

10.25.15, 4:16 PM | Posted by Teddy

Uh, hello! those parents can’t read

11.01.16, 10:20 PM | Posted by Oh yeah

So if I play for the cardinals I can’t watch my kid play here?

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