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You Are My Love, My Angle

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“You are my love my angle – Don’t treat me like potato”

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12.30.11, 4:07 AM | Posted by megan

if i was ur angle i would never treat u like a potato lol how do u treat a potato anyway??

02.03.12, 6:44 PM | Posted by therealhannah

@megan: u eat it

03.03.12, 10:06 AM | Posted by Tanya Schaeffer

I think you are brilant. Your message is exactly how it should be.

01.13.13, 9:01 PM | Posted by sydney

two words. french fries.

05.02.13, 11:25 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

its supposed to be ( i think) “You’re my love, you’re my angel, the girl of my dreams.”

01.18.14, 6:26 PM | Posted by Sakota

This makes no sense

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