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Parks, Warning

“Yo… Skater – Seriously speakin’, We like your kick flips But, your trucks are creakin’ – The noise is loud And the folks are freakin’, They’re trying to chill But, the Blood pressure’s peakin’. – You’re close to a Park And it’s easy walkin’, Check out Parkgate Then nobody’s squawkin’. Thanks”

Parks Department – North Vancouver District

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07.01.12, 8:21 PM | Posted by Sue

Terrific example of successful negeotating. Speak their language
find something good to say, describe the problem, point to a workable solution. Quite possibly it might work.

08.17.12, 11:31 AM | Posted by Rather dull dead corpse

Whether they will read it is a completely different topic.

12.12.12, 1:03 PM | Posted by therealhannah

yeah, chances r theyll see it, think its too much to read, and leave.

05.02.13, 11:19 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

rap the warning!!!

01.17.14, 1:56 PM | Posted by Sakota

What does “…trucks are creakin’” mean?

02.03.14, 10:35 AM | Posted by Lili

Trucks are the wheels on a skateboard.

09.16.14, 9:52 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Maybe they CAN’T read, Hannah.

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