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Works Ahead – Cyclists Dismantle

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09.30.11, 1:27 PM | Posted by Steimy

Guess riding in this area would be a bad idea.

03.30.12, 12:48 PM | Posted by Albert

Dismantle Lol :P

12.15.12, 8:51 AM | Posted by therealhannah

this could leave some problems D:

01.02.13, 5:39 PM | Posted by OldPatzer

Actually, the sign says (in Chinese): “Construction work ahead ; cyclists must dismount their bikes”.

05.23.13, 9:44 PM | Posted by credible

so i guess the logic is “Works ahead.Cyclists,go and dismantle THOSE WORKS!”

09.14.14, 10:19 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How do you say “bad translation” in Chinese?

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