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Workers Wanted, Preferably a Female…

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Business, Restaurant

It’s also preferable that the female be barefoot.

“Workers wanted, preferably a female due to kitchen work. Please enquire within.”

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06.01.12, 8:40 AM | Posted by Chris

Hire another female to help the men with their spelling mistakes.

08.16.12, 7:34 AM | Posted by JB Garrett

They are looking for a Miss Spell

08.24.12, 7:10 PM | Posted by therealhannah

thats one way not to attract women!

02.04.13, 8:58 PM | Posted by Don

I didn’t know they had computer generated signs in the 1800’s.

06.02.13, 6:42 AM | Posted by Jessica

sexist jerks. that’s a GREAT way to get all the female workers you HAVE to quit. Also a few of the male workers. happy birthday, in looking to get new workers, you lost half of your current ones.

07.12.13, 7:29 PM | Posted by Noel


07.30.14, 11:49 PM | Posted by Leigh

Sexist AND illiterate.

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