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“Very Dangerous Path Ahead – Hikers Have Fallen and Have Been Seriously Injured – If You Remove or Deface This Sign – You May Be Responsible for Another Person’s Death – Return the Way You Came”

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03.14.12, 6:17 AM | Posted by Randomz

– evil laugh – pranksters will get an idea

12.23.12, 5:28 PM | Posted by therealhannah


07.19.13, 7:23 AM | Posted by justbrowsing

Also, no swimming.

01.13.15, 7:00 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

With a sign THAT long, the sign itself could be the cause of death.

03.06.15, 12:02 AM | Posted by a human

Ummmmm why can’t they just say “if your not careful up ahead you will die” bcuz I can understand that sign perfectly well, but this is telling me a million things and is rly long, kinda like this comment.

05.13.15, 10:00 PM | Posted by Lilly

They should use a small font for the warning about defacing, because you need to be close to deface it (unless you shot it!)

09.10.15, 5:47 AM | Posted by tHeSkRiLlExX

Dammit geoff you told me it was safe

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