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Woman Hollering Creek

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Photo submitted by Zachary Zagnoni

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March 11, 2013 · Posted by Sakota


December 12, 2013 · Posted by rexsk1

I don’t see why this is funny.

January 03, 2014 · Posted by mnisaacsmn

I wonder if the woman is repeating CREEK, or if it’s one long yell?

March 04, 2014 · Posted by Tonje

This is right outside San Antonio, TX, on I-10 East. And it’s barely even a creek.

April 10, 2014 · Posted by rexsk1


August 27, 2014 · Posted by RL Bain

This sign is just a mile before “Man Not Listening” Creek…. (dont tell my wife) please

February 09, 2015 · Posted by Mister Anonymous

Oh… So the man was not listening to the women hollering to him!

July 08, 2015 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

She was screaming in her car, she was screaming all alone,
She was screaming in her car in a 20 – mile zone…