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Will You Take Back My Raincoat?

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06.10.11, 5:01 PM | Posted by trisha

i wonder why?

04.01.12, 12:08 PM | Posted by Maya

Bummer…. now what do I do with it??

05.24.12, 11:12 PM | Posted by Ardenol

“Raincoat” is slang for condom, perhaps?

04.20.13, 5:16 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

They will take it back if I break in and leave it.

08.03.14, 1:53 PM | Posted by crapline

This is like creepypasta stuff. They sell you the cursed raincoat and they won’t take it back.

09.13.14, 9:54 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Who is “they”?

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