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Wikipedia Fried with Eggs

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Engrish, Restaurant

Sounds delicious, but is this menu really reliable?

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09.09.11, 6:14 AM | Posted by Kristian

“Egg fried with green fried egg” isn’t too bad either! I just wish there were more eggs in it!

09.12.12, 2:27 PM | Posted by Maria

don’t want wikipedia fried with egg 🙁

12.14.12, 10:54 PM | Posted by The Doctor

yum! knowledge is delicious

07.13.13, 10:54 PM | Posted by Noel

Wonder what the proper translation was

07.16.13, 5:40 AM | Posted by Keena

This must be owned by Dr. Seuss. But I do not want Green eggs and ham Sam I am.

10.31.13, 10:03 AM | Posted by rexsk1

Wikipedia is edible?

12.15.13, 10:17 AM | Posted by Mani Menon

Sure looks yummmy! Can I have some salt and pepper please?

12.17.13, 9:28 PM | Posted by Stuart

Could you eat Wikipedia I would not I would look things up

10.03.14, 11:11 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

They cook Yunnan spice trees, and customers eat them?

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