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Why Pay $10 for a BBQ Chicken?

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Knock 12 cents off that chicken, and you have yourself a deal!

“Why pay $10 for a BBQ chicken? Only $9.88 – the fresh food people”

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09.04.12, 10:57 AM | Posted by GhostMatrix

Australian logic.

11.10.12, 8:48 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Or pay nothing and let the chicken live! :)

07.23.13, 12:03 PM | Posted by therealnormalperson

You would still have to pay something to eat…gotta eat SOMETHING, genius.

Plus, if we didn’t eat chicken, how would we know what everything else tasted like 😉

There is room for all of Gods creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

08.07.13, 12:55 PM | Posted by HLMA85

What do you thing about $9.99?

09.18.13, 8:41 PM | Posted by mictosoft sam

.99 cents is better

10.03.14, 8:24 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Mashed potatoes is one of God’s creatures?

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