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White Trash Fast Food

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At least their honest.

White Trash Fast Food restaurant located in Berlin.

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01.25.13, 11:36 AM | Posted by The Shadow

Don’t freak out if you see raccoons coming here.

02.02.13, 12:52 PM | Posted by therealhannah

or my dogs

04.10.14, 11:34 PM | Posted by meep

Mmmm, roadkill!

07.03.14, 2:32 AM | Posted by WTFF

So glad you found us! We’ve moved since this picture was taken. Come on over to Flutgraben 2, 12435 in Berlin, Germany and upload your own version of the new sign. If you ask the right person, you might even get a shot with our special feature included…

09.12.14, 4:59 AM | Posted by bob

At least *they’re* honest.

09.18.14, 12:22 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Honest, but politically incorrect.

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