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Welcome To Our Ool

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“Welcome to our ool – (Notice there’s no ‘P’ in it…) – Let’s Keep It This Way!”

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04.21.11, 10:52 PM | Posted by Wyatt Derp

They also could have said “Welcome to our L… notice there’s not Poo in it.

06.26.12, 9:07 AM | Posted by Poop

Thats from a shop..i have that same sign exept different.

Anyway Poopy Guy Below

06.26.12, 9:07 AM | Posted by Poop

I mean above. Lol

08.31.12, 6:30 AM | Posted by Ben

I’ve actually seen this sign at a pool (or ool) before. It’s at Fort Monroe Beach/Pool in Virginia

10.26.12, 11:04 PM | Posted by TIM

this is classic!. and unique

09.02.13, 10:47 PM | Posted by Trev

different picture but same quote in aquatics facility in summerside PEI

05.19.14, 12:54 PM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

I still like the “We don’t swim in your toilet, please don’t pee in our pool.”

07.28.14, 11:15 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

Of all the best possible jokes, this is the BEST. POSSIBLE. JOKE.

09.15.14, 11:15 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Unique nothing, Tim. I used to see that sign in mail-order catalogs.

10.06.14, 12:16 PM | Posted by Zanaria

Sorry but if you can “notice” pee in it, then they seriously need to clean their water ALOT more. Sometimes you pee in less than a gallon of water and you cant even notice it…

11.06.14, 4:20 PM | Posted by Peemud

I have a sign that looks different, but is has the same joke on it.

07.01.16, 4:23 PM | Posted by CatMeistr

isnt the toilet part of the pool
if so what is the point of toilets

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