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Buy some toys for the kids at Toys R Us and then relax for a nice family meal together at Hooters.

Photo taken by Mike’s Picture Place

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05.20.11, 8:07 AM | Posted by Agustin

All you need is a Macy’s and there’ll be something for everyone in the family!

05.15.12, 12:18 PM | Posted by James

bout time Hooters and toys r us joind together

07.11.12, 10:54 AM | Posted by therealhannah

i had a family dinner at hooter’s before…. XP

11.02.12, 11:03 AM | Posted by Spyro

Son: Dad can we go to toys r us?
Dad: *sees signs* Hell yea!

01.12.13, 12:28 AM | Posted by Mike

Well, Toys R Us doesn’t sell models of owls.

04.20.13, 5:50 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

You can see baby dolls at both places.

07.15.14, 3:08 PM | Posted by Doug

Toys for the kids AND for Dad!

02.10.15, 8:42 AM | Posted by Dalton Mrazik

I wonder if the lost children at put to put at Hooters

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