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Wasted and Broke

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At least they know their target market…

“Wasted and Broke – Ramen Noodle Soup”

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09.09.11, 6:02 AM | Posted by Kristian


08.23.12, 3:17 AM | Posted by Justine

The most upfront, direct, and refreshingly honest food packaging I’ve seen in a long time.

04.20.13, 4:13 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

I’ve been to the point I was so wasted and broke, I was outside that store, begging wasted and broke people to buy me some of that stuff. But I was so wasted I couldn’t eat it anyway, and so broke, I had nothing to cook it in. So I just died outside of that store.

05.23.13, 9:04 PM | Posted by credible

shouldn’t this be the name of every 2nd processed food product in US?

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