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Wash & Vacuum Senior Citizens

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For when Grandpa needs a really good cleaning.

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05.15.11, 5:06 PM | Posted by aaron


07.31.11, 8:16 PM | Posted by Hannah

don’t forget to clean your grandparents…

09.30.11, 11:56 AM | Posted by Steimy

$15.99, that’s kind of expensive. Don’t you have an early bird special or something?

05.24.12, 2:19 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

It’s fun and cheap.

08.26.12, 7:27 AM | Posted by Renue

Senior citizens now get a chance to get clean and feel young in a whole new way.

03.23.13, 11:03 PM | Posted by Hubert

Great,it’s time for Granddad’s daily cleaning.

09.12.14, 8:33 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I want to see what the vacuum cleaner looks like.

03.26.16, 6:02 PM | Posted by Heather

Wait, $15.95 to wash and vacuum grandma and grandpa? That’s kind of steep. How much to just give them a quick hose down?

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