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Surprisingly, www.elranchitomarketblueislandil.com does not work.

“Visit Us On the Web – El Ranchito Market, Blue Island, IL”

Photo taken by Benjamin Nelson

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06.10.11, 5:14 PM | Posted by trisha

what web site?

03.20.12, 5:50 AM | Posted by MarkTheMeS

It’s ElRanchitoMarket.BlueIslandIl.com, with a . before the “Blue…”. It probably did work for a while, but now just goes to BlueIslandIllinois.com, which is a directory site for businesses in that area. Searching for El Ranchito Market returns no results.

03.20.12, 5:52 AM | Posted by MarkTheMeS

…il.com & …illinois.com, just to be clear. (Silly fonts & and their different letters that looks the same.)

10.02.14, 9:51 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

A driver following that truck can’t write all that down.

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