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Virus.com Internet

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Boy, I don’t think they could have given their store a worse name.

Photo submitted by Bill Pfeifer, taken in Hyderabad, India.

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July 23, 2013 · Posted by Rob

It’s no wonder he’s scratching his head!

August 25, 2013 · Posted by Fluttershy


October 15, 2013 · Posted by Amy

Bazar means mqrket in Turkish

January 17, 2014 · Posted by Sakota

Seems legit.

July 09, 2014 · Posted by Robloxer1224

The internet of easily getting viruses…

June 21, 2015 · Posted by moshaholic

never again (shudders)

January 03, 2016 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

No, Amy, the word is derived from Farsi, not Turkish. The two languages are not related.

February 18, 2016 · Posted by Seanbobe

I’ll just go to their competitor antivurus.com internet.