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Violators Will Be Towed and Find $50

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Parking, Warning

Depending on how much the towing costs this violation might be an excellent value

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08.24.12, 6:08 PM | Posted by therealhannah

unfortunatly, i have to use the $5o to get my car back. 🙁

01.01.13, 10:31 AM | Posted by davidinark

Ah… The power of e…

03.26.13, 1:11 PM | Posted by Wobbuffet

so if I just keep pushing old broken down cars there, I could be rich!

04.01.13, 11:46 AM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

How do they know that if they tow my car what I will be able to find? That seems suspicious

08.30.13, 7:43 PM | Posted by someone

where is this sign? I could use $50

06.29.14, 10:11 PM | Posted by Mike

Can I borrow your car? Anyone? I could use that money.

09.10.14, 3:35 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

It’s bad enough I’m fined, they’re gonna drag me behind a tow truck!

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