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Visit us online at www.com!

“Bennies TV and Appliance – www.com”

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02.25.12, 5:48 PM | Posted by therealhannah

http://www.com is an actual website!

01.07.13, 3:04 AM | Posted by Brittany

No it’s not. It’s a placeholder site that means the domain is available for sale.

05.02.13, 11:17 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

We ran out of rom on the truck, so we cut out the domain name…

07.23.13, 12:32 PM | Posted by therealnormalperson

They ARE the world wide web.

08.05.13, 12:59 PM | Posted by Beetee and Wiress

“This webpage is not available.”

06.26.14, 5:14 PM | Posted by Denise
09.27.14, 9:07 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

According to B.C., it’s the WEBSITE of Wilma, the world’s only black widow spider to become a stand-up comedian.

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