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Unusual Doors

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“Caution: Doors Open”

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September 15, 2011 · Posted by Mark

I hope so! Especially if there’s a fire!

November 09, 2011 · Posted by haily

really so thats why it had handels!

December 30, 2011 · Posted by megan


January 06, 2012 · Posted by aj

door opens?thats never ben seen in a door!

February 13, 2012 · Posted by doug

yes but when its open then theres no sign that says door closes.

February 25, 2012 · Posted by therealhannah

is someone really stupid enough to need a sign?

April 10, 2012 · Posted by HHH


August 29, 2012 · Posted by ME oH..

Caution: you don’t want to know why the sign says-….

August 31, 2012 · Posted by Ben

its because it said door opens in but the “in” sticker got peeled off. im not saying this to rui the joke, im saying this caus it seems like some people dont know

January 17, 2013 · Posted by Karman

It seems counter-intuitive to put the sign on this side of the door.

November 01, 2013 · Posted by Darkus R.

Oh god, the world is doomed! Doors open!

November 07, 2013 · Posted by veda


September 26, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

Who’d a thunk it?

October 05, 2016 · Posted by Brad

Got it. It is not a wall.