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Totally Christian Karate

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What Would Jesus Kick?

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12.14.11, 1:32 PM | Posted by Gregger

What happened to turning the other cheek? 🙂

12.15.11, 8:43 AM | Posted by Evans Graphics

Do they pray for forgiveness before they punch your lights out?

03.03.12, 6:09 PM | Posted by mike

In other news Totally Christian Karate is out of business

07.26.12, 6:48 AM | Posted by stuff


07.31.12, 11:23 PM | Posted by jade

lol. .i know where that sign is from. .even more of an irony to use religion to draw in customers when so much of the city is non religious and peace loving hippie types 😀

09.28.12, 10:06 AM | Posted by Terry

lifting your spirits and kickin your buttz

05.23.13, 10:02 PM | Posted by credible

the type that is also known as jesus-jitsu

06.26.13, 10:20 PM | Posted by Fluttershy

I tried this and it was better than all of my Flight courses combined.

03.05.14, 10:02 PM | Posted by Miffy

I think that the guy who teaches the Karate is call Christian…

07.20.14, 9:46 PM | Posted by SheSaid

Your azz! That’s what Jesus would kick.

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