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Bathroom, Office

“Do Not Throw Anything in the Toilet, Unless You Have Eaten it First”

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06.01.11, 3:19 PM | Posted by riggsie

other words take a dump

09.09.11, 6:05 AM | Posted by Kristian

So where do I leave the used toilet paper? On the floor? Do I bring it home?

10.17.11, 8:39 AM | Posted by Johnathan

maybe your supposed to eat the used toilet paper and then crap it out:/

04.09.12, 4:37 PM | Posted by Sarah

Now THAT’S recycling.

05.23.12, 2:18 PM | Posted by 2k2 s2k

You can only “throw” poop in the toilet if you eat it first.

08.19.12, 4:50 PM | Posted by mikalia

so we have to eat the toilet paper 1st? then wouldn’t we be wiping while
we poop?

09.01.12, 9:32 AM | Posted by Chancy Thomas

that’s signs is real because what you eat is what you are going to put on the toilet paper.

11.01.12, 5:21 PM | Posted by therealhannah

does this mean i have to throw up everything? dang it! my eusophagus will be ruined!

04.20.13, 4:31 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

What if you are on a liquid diet? Does drinking count as eating, too? Or maybe if you just got out of a coma, and were on IV’s the entire time? Can you leave that in their toilet? Damn! So many unanswered questions. It makes me want to just poop; but not in that toilet. I’m afraid I might be in the wrong.

08.20.13, 4:02 PM | Posted by Anony mouse

So I have to eat… nevermind

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