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Toilet Paper Only

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Bathroom, Office

This might have some undesirable consequences…

“Please put toilet paper only in the toilet, everything else goes in the trash”

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09.20.11, 6:57 PM | Posted by tracy


02.16.12, 5:29 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i would hate to be the person who takes out the trash for that bathroom! 😛

04.17.12, 5:06 PM | Posted by Dakota gibson

Lol I’ve never seen one of these signs lol

10.04.12, 1:13 AM | Posted by C Minor

cant stop laughing at toilet jokes… So, u take the kids to the trash instead of the pool??? Hate to be that janitor!!!

10.12.12, 11:43 AM | Posted by Brooke

Who wants to take a dump in the trash? It takes hovering to a whole new level.

06.05.13, 7:46 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

This is why the janitor gets paid 50$ an hour and wears a hazmat suit!!!

11.01.13, 10:14 PM | Posted by Darkus R.

So shiza in the trash and paper in the toilet?

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