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Toilet Demonstration

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Bathroom, Business, Store

Eiwww…. no thanks.

“Ask an associate for a demonstration”

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08.24.12, 6:03 PM | Posted by therealhannah

associate: but i dont have to go!

09.22.12, 10:15 AM | Posted by Emily Barnes

Lol. customer: well i do!
associate: bathrooms are in the back.
customer: but it’s funner here!
associate: preschool’s across the street.

01.23.13, 5:35 PM | Posted by Don

Makes you wonder what was said in the marketing meeting.

02.11.13, 1:24 PM | Posted by The Shadow

If i’m not pottytrained, why would I buy a toilet?

02.17.13, 1:29 PM | Posted by 4arainbow

I don’t think I want to see that demonstration…

03.26.13, 12:52 PM | Posted by Wobbuffet

Now I wonder how many guys walk up to the hottest girl in there and ask her to demonstrate.

06.05.13, 7:38 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

If you live in America
And don’t know how to use a toilet you might be the guy on the porch in” Deliverance”. Play that banjo!,,,,,,

09.10.13, 6:30 PM | Posted by human

I agree with 4arainbow, I don’t want to see that either.

11.03.13, 1:31 AM | Posted by barnesy

Because this iS THE latest in cutting edge technology

01.16.14, 8:11 PM | Posted by Sakota

Somebody tell me where this is, so I know not to go there.

02.11.14, 9:10 PM | Posted by Me

Now, how does this thing work again…?

04.25.14, 5:47 PM | Posted by dave king

I have seen this. the actual demonstration is to show how much force the toilet creates, they pour an entire bucket of golf balls in the toilet and it will wash them all down without any trouble..

07.02.14, 2:32 PM | Posted by cereza1000

Well, I donĀ“t think so…

09.10.14, 4:15 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Just think how well it will work when it’s hooked up to the plumbing!

12.26.14, 5:21 PM | Posted by Joe Pluto

I think I’ll pass.

08.20.15, 8:15 PM | Posted by Theblur

ewww! ewwwwwwwwwwwww! *barfs*

10.07.15, 1:22 PM | Posted by Rrryan

I actually thought from the preview image that it said LEMONstration. Which would have been even worse.

10.25.15, 3:52 PM | Posted by Teddy

Hey Sign maker guy….you had ONE job….

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