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Toilet Demonstration

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Bathroom, Business

Eiwww…. no thanks.

“Ask an associate for a demonstration”

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08.24.12, 6:03 PM | Posted by therealhannah

associate: but i dont have to go!

09.22.12, 10:15 AM | Posted by Emily Barnes

Lol. customer: well i do!
associate: bathrooms are in the back.
customer: but it’s funner here!
associate: preschool’s across the street.

01.23.13, 5:35 PM | Posted by Don

Makes you wonder what was said in the marketing meeting.

02.11.13, 1:24 PM | Posted by The Shadow

If i’m not pottytrained, why would I buy a toilet?

02.17.13, 1:29 PM | Posted by 4arainbow

I don’t think I want to see that demonstration…

03.26.13, 12:52 PM | Posted by Wobbuffet

Now I wonder how many guys walk up to the hottest girl in there and ask her to demonstrate.

06.05.13, 7:38 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

If you live in America
And don’t know how to use a toilet you might be the guy on the porch in” Deliverance”. Play that banjo!,,,,,,

09.10.13, 6:30 PM | Posted by human

I agree with 4arainbow, I don’t want to see that either.

11.03.13, 1:31 AM | Posted by barnesy

Because this iS THE latest in cutting edge technology

01.16.14, 8:11 PM | Posted by Sakota

Somebody tell me where this is, so I know not to go there.

02.11.14, 9:10 PM | Posted by Me

Now, how does this thing work again…?

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