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To Arrrr Is Pirate

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“To Err is Human – To Arrrr is Pirate”

United Church of Christ in Warminster

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07.07.12, 11:01 AM | Posted by some guy who is writting this comment

to grr is wolf

10.20.12, 6:41 PM | Posted by Yep

Pirates are human too! >.<

10.20.12, 7:45 PM | Posted by therealhannah

pirates are humans… right…?

02.27.14, 11:32 AM | Posted by The Shadow

No, pie rats are rodents obsessed with a certain kind of desert

05.19.14, 12:56 PM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

I wonder if this was around International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAP)?

09.28.14, 6:46 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

To orrrr is canine

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