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This Becomes This

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“Wash Your Hands After Using The Restroom! Otherwise, THIS becomes THIS”

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March 07, 2012 · Posted by Emily


March 24, 2012 · Posted by Safety Lady

The best hygiene poster I have ever seen. So gross, I love it. Haha

May 28, 2012 · Posted by Brad Arnold

This just in: Bad hand hygiene leading cause of homosexuality.

July 01, 2012 · Posted by william halbert

thats great stuff, hope you and your family are well.

July 11, 2012 · Posted by Lycan

>.> I’ve already done this, so does it apply to me?

October 01, 2012 · Posted by Scourge


January 07, 2013 · Posted by Brittany

HAHAHA that’s so true though!

January 16, 2013 · Posted by Karman

Am I the first to notice the guy on the left has his hand on backwards? How are they shaking hands left to right?

January 25, 2013 · Posted by The Shadow


May 23, 2013 · Posted by credible

some men actually prefer the latter to anything else

May 24, 2013 · Posted by Amanda

My outlook on high-fiving my crush just instantly changed. 😛

October 07, 2013 · Posted by arnold

HAHAHA that’s so true though! your mad…

February 11, 2014 · Posted by Me


March 05, 2014 · Posted by The Shadow

Why Amanda, doesn’t he wash his hands?

March 07, 2014 · Posted by shawn

that is some funny stuff and so true

October 25, 2015 · Posted by Teddy

uh, I’m washing from now on

January 27, 2016 · Posted by ES

Don’t post this in your employers bathroom, I got fired and my two employees working for me got suspended for assisting with hanging them. Hung them last Friday, fired on Monday with no warning.

February 10, 2016 · Posted by G

There not shaking hands on the top…. secret hand shake first fist bump then a bottom fist pump lolol