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The Spankme Building

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This is where you work if you’ve been naughty.

Located in San Mateo, California.

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04.22.11, 3:30 PM | Posted by el bobby

I have been in the building. It is a historic building built by the Spankme brothers in the 40s.They built a few buildings around here. There is a historic plaque and history in the lobby.

It is for real.

06.13.11, 11:11 PM | Posted by C.R.

I actually noticed that the building had a name today. This is an actual building and the place where my daughters go to preschool believe it or not!!!

06.16.11, 8:55 AM | Posted by Pam

C.R., that is hilarious!

09.30.11, 12:46 PM | Posted by Steimy

The first thing i noticed after the name, was the United Playgroups sign and thought ??????

03.19.12, 3:15 AM | Posted by mike


12.14.12, 7:56 PM | Posted by therealhannah

no thank you

07.02.13, 8:45 PM | Posted by CLB

I saw this building when I went to go to yoga one night. It’s right across the street from it. Thought it was a joke at first….still funny to think this is a respectable name to put on a building.

12.02.14, 11:34 PM | Posted by Luke

Ha, the spankme brothers. Even better

06.24.15, 10:17 AM | Posted by Heidi

So does a person actually go there to get a spanking ? That is so cool !

11.20.16, 5:47 PM | Posted by Jesse

That building used to be the IBEW union hall

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