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The Poop Shop

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I hear their prices stink.

“The POOP Shop – Pre-Owned Office Products – Office Furniture & Machines”

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September 09, 2011 · Posted by Kristian

Pre-owned food products would be the correct term

October 24, 2011 · Posted by Johnathan

this place must be the shit!

October 20, 2012 · Posted by therealhannah

and by office products do you mean fertilizer?

March 22, 2014 · Posted by Fredrick


September 11, 2014 · Posted by Sakota

Wait…I think I saw this in michagine somewhere. Hold on be back later

September 14, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

Heck. You can get it yourself for free.

September 16, 2014 · Posted by Sakota

I’m not going to lie, I forgot. But I showed it to my parents & they can’t remember it. So it MIGHT be in Michigan, might not.

May 05, 2015 · Posted by BOOBS


August 23, 2015 · Posted by bgamboe

Loll I’ve seen it before its in Michigan

September 14, 2015 · Posted by BEVERLY ORTIZ


March 26, 2016 · Posted by Heather

I want to call this place just to hear how they answer the phone. Try saying that with a straight face!

August 05, 2016 · Posted by Lee

I thought POOP stood for

Sorry, I just had to, lol.

January 07, 2017 · Posted by Me