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The Latest in Glass Door Technology

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The grocery store of the future!

“Coolers employ the latest in glass door technology. You can actually see the contents without opening the door.”

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04.14.12, 12:55 AM | Posted by Domo

Woah, I Never seen it before! ..

05.17.12, 11:28 PM | Posted by LetsCOOLoutANYWAY

Gee, lets check out what is inside the fridge by opening the door 300 times a day, dad won’t care.

05.25.12, 2:40 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

It’s so much better than that old glass you couldn’t see through.

12.14.12, 10:55 PM | Posted by therealhannah

but its more funner to open the door!

01.17.14, 6:17 PM | Posted by Sakota

Thank ya cap’n sarcasm.

09.17.14, 11:07 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Transparent glass! What will they think of next!

09.10.15, 5:59 AM | Posted by tHeSkRiLlExX

omg i’ve been living under a rock where do you find this

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