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Tetris Road Sign

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Defaced, Road

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06.03.12, 8:47 AM | Posted by IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT


08.17.12, 11:44 AM | Posted by Rather dull dead corpse

Wimps are going to subdue the world.

06.02.13, 6:39 AM | Posted by Jessica

excuse you, I happen to love tetris. we are not ‘wimps’ we are nerds. and “Nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff. nerds are allowed to LOVE stuff, like jump up and down in your seat can’t control yourself LOVE it. mostly what people are saying when they call people nerds is ‘you like stuff’ which is not a good insult at all. like, you are too enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness” ~John Green

07.12.13, 7:27 PM | Posted by Noel

Nerds doesn’t = wimps fyi

08.05.13, 1:22 PM | Posted by Beetee and Wiress

Nerds are awesome.

01.17.14, 2:00 PM | Posted by Sakota

Nerds get high-ranking jobs, bullies work for nerds.

01.17.14, 2:01 PM | Posted by Sakota

It’s called REVENGE. heh heh heh. (Just kidding).

05.22.14, 12:12 AM | Posted by kem

Someone had too much time on their hands

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