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Tattoo While You Wait

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“Tattoo Charlies – Done While You Wait – World Famous”

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05.13.11, 1:35 PM | Posted by Nancy

So much better than the alternative. >.>

11.11.12, 9:35 AM | Posted by The Man

I’ll drop off my arm be back later

12.15.12, 8:53 AM | Posted by therealhannah

zombies r coming to rule this website

07.08.13, 11:01 AM | Posted by Laurie

Yes, this sign is in Louisville, Kentucky.

10.01.14, 8:30 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How else can you have it done–leave your body?

12.26.14, 11:42 AM | Posted by Crysta Kessler

I saw this billboard on a trip to Michigan a few years ago. Always wished I had taken a picture of it, but never was able to find it again. Thanks!

01.08.15, 4:34 PM | Posted by Molly Roxx

I live right by them. My friend and I make fun of their sign each time we pass it. Their work is fabulous though. Their prices are way too high tho so we do go somewhere else.

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