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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

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“Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to diss a brie. I cheddar the world & the feta cheese. Everybody’s looking for Stilton…”

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09.27.13, 10:08 AM | Posted by Adiv Abramson

(Parody of “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This” by the Eurythmics)

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Who am I to dis a Brie
I cheddar the world and a Feta cheese
Everybody’s looking for Stilton
——-till here from the internets—————

Some cheese wants to be Bleu, too
Some cheese wants to be Buchette d’Anjou
Some cheese wants to be cubed
Some cheese will be braided by you

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Colby or Chevre, if you please
I ferment the milk and then I squeeze
Everybody needs penicillium

Mold is better, on the rind
Mold is better, leaves taste behind
Mold is better, cheese is confined
Mold is better, use my enzymes

Some cheese ought to be grated
No cheese should be ammoniated
Some cheese will always be hated
No cheese wants to be called rancid

Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Casein and rennet curdle it with ease
Whey from the curds it eventually frees
The best cheese comes from Wisconsin

09.27.13, 10:58 AM | Posted by justbrowsing

That is awesome that they were able to get that to fit and sound so well.

10.05.13, 4:09 AM | Posted by Murray cresswell

Seen in central market downtown Adelaide. Great cheese store

10.06.13, 5:00 PM | Posted by bob

The best cheese does not come from Wiaconsin.

11.02.13, 12:11 PM | Posted by Maggie McKenna

This is awesome! I love cheese! Does that make me sound too cheesy??

11.06.13, 6:45 AM | Posted by Bart

You suck that was terrible

11.07.13, 7:50 AM | Posted by Darkwolf ninety nine


01.18.14, 6:43 PM | Posted by Robloxer1224

What Stilton?

05.17.14, 3:32 AM | Posted by ed

stilton is a blue cheese from the UK

06.08.14, 8:14 PM | Posted by Sakota

Wow, it’s like Wallace & Grommet wrote a song.

06.08.14, 8:16 PM | Posted by Sakota

Wait that guy rhymed “Cheese” with “Cheese”

06.15.14, 1:25 PM | Posted by ME

Guys ‘Stilton’ is Geronimo Stilton, its a fictional book series about a mouse who runs a newspaper place and he loves cheese. DUH. :p

06.18.14, 4:00 PM | Posted by Sakota

Ok, and Stilton is REAL cheese to

09.16.14, 8:27 PM | Posted by Sakota

Tis the CHEESEon my friend. If not now then WHEYn

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