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Stop. Hammer Time.

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Defaced, Road

Stop. collaborate, and listen… or just stop your car behind the white line. Either would be fine.

Submitted by Eva Black.

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10.14.12, 2:14 PM | Posted by Lisa

Not terribly funny if they aren’t “real” signs. You can deface anything, but it doesn’t deserve to be here!

10.24.12, 12:19 AM | Posted by Número UNO

I’m yes Lisa…hilarious pic

Deserves to be here

01.04.13, 10:58 AM | Posted by 80sKidsRule90sKidsDrool

how funny that the caption makes reference to a vanilla ice song when the sign is clearly referencing an mc hammer song, must have been a 90s kid 😛

02.19.13, 10:40 AM | Posted by Jodie

80sKidsRule90sKidsDrool is right. Its an MC Hammer song. Not Vanilla Ice

03.01.13, 9:18 AM | Posted by Sakota


02.07.14, 9:29 PM | Posted by Tris

This reminds me of a sign near my apartment.

“Don’t STOP beliving” is what it said. Poorstopsign.

04.13.14, 2:47 PM | Posted by Mar mar

You don’t know why “stop! Callaborating and listen!” Is to me. You would if you saw Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: the musical. Lololololololololol

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