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Star Level Tourism Toilet

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Bathroom, Engrish

I usually don’t stoop to anything lower than a 4 star tourism toilet

“Star-Level Tourism Toilet – Issued by Tourism of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”

Photo taken by ddhouser

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07.06.13, 8:53 AM | Posted by Takau

star-ranking toilet?
Are toilets star rated?

09.29.14, 6:56 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That’s a desert region–I would think toilets there are few and far between.

12.10.15, 5:41 AM | Posted by skywatcher

This toilet got more stars than the restaurants I eat in.

09.03.16, 10:10 PM | Posted by Nichard Rixon

Royally flushed with success.

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