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No thanks… I’ll just take the escalator.

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10.04.11, 8:19 AM | Posted by Greg

It’s a trap!

10.27.11, 4:02 PM | Posted by your face

it’s a trap!

11.15.11, 11:45 PM | Posted by Cathy

ummmm, me too I’ll take the escalator.

02.14.12, 1:05 AM | Posted by a dead guy

admiral Ackbar take it away!

03.07.12, 7:38 AM | Posted by Alex

This picture is taken at Amsterdam Airport.
“Trap” is dutch for stairs!

03.17.12, 9:11 PM | Posted by tyler

i dont see whats so bad about these stai…. AHHHHH its A trap! X_x

04.10.12, 1:59 PM | Posted by HHH

Bob:”Lets take the stairs!”
Phil:”No it says theres a trap!”
“Bob rips off sign and puts it on escalator”
Bob:”what trap you talking about?Theres a trap on the escalator?Why do you wanna take that Phil”
Phil:”fine you take stairs I’ll take escalator”
“Bob waits on Phil for 3 hours”
Phil before he gets impaled:” should’ve taken the stairs…..”

08.11.12, 3:49 AM | Posted by jorgie

Its a trap

11.11.12, 12:29 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Dun dun! (Dramatic music)

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