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Road sign spotted in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Submitted by Erin/Kellee

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11.29.12, 7:21 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Uhh there’s no spoon in that picture

01.01.13, 10:27 AM | Posted by davidinark

This sign proves the Matrix is real… There is no spoon.

01.19.13, 9:38 PM | Posted by laney

all i know is im turnin around im not takein the chance that people might be spoonin uo there :<

02.24.13, 8:28 PM | Posted by The Shadow

Guys, there is no spoon in the picture because it’s 200m from the sign!

06.06.13, 12:54 PM | Posted by Agreen

What about the forkin knife?

12.30.13, 5:00 PM | Posted by VIKILOL

sporks, ever hear of those?

02.07.14, 9:30 PM | Posted by Tris

…Whoops, did they put up that sign too spoon?

09.21.14, 10:09 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Yeah, Shadow…they have a lot of nerve saying that!

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