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Speed Limit Enforced

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Road, Speed Limit

Speeding is taken very seriously here.

“Speed limit enforced by sniper”

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07.21.12, 5:43 PM | Posted by lisa

oooerrr bit harsh, lol

08.25.12, 1:32 PM | Posted by therealhannah

cool, violence! 😀

01.17.13, 9:47 PM | Posted by jan

Welcome to Fort Bragg?

04.07.13, 10:09 AM | Posted by Slender Man

i wanna help! i could eat the people who arent doing it right!

09.28.14, 9:32 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I don’t think you’re THAT slender!

12.03.14, 8:12 AM | Posted by Dalton Mrazik

I think I see a sniper tower in the background!

09.20.15, 3:46 PM | Posted by Dave Barlow

Because speeding kills people!

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