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Speed Limit 27 MPH

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Speed Limit

But Officer… I was only going 28!

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08.30.11, 1:29 AM | Posted by Crazy

really slow

11.04.11, 2:28 PM | Posted by Matt

Weird Al’s driveway has a speed limit?

11.20.11, 2:16 AM | Posted by Kirby

At a Walmart warehouse in Maine that I went to a few years ago the speed limit was 12.5 MPH I had no phone or camera sadly but that’s how bad Walmart is.

03.06.12, 8:18 PM | Posted by Cass

My school has 10 going down a hill…

08.04.12, 7:11 PM | Posted by mydim3

ive seen 1.2 mph

06.06.13, 9:16 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

Why not make it twenty seven and a half.

05.22.14, 4:32 AM | Posted by kem

makes you look and follow it huh?

09.17.14, 10:46 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That’s the speed limit on 182nd Street in Torrance, between Crenshaw and Yukon. It says so on posted signs.

09.19.14, 12:41 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Torrance, California (in Los Angeles County), that is.

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