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Soccer Not Allowed

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Play at your own risk!

“Soccer Not Allowed – Soccer may only be played in archery range”

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11.06.11, 8:23 PM | Posted by aaron

This just in,player shot whell shooting!

12.30.11, 12:02 AM | Posted by megan

so they dont like soccer either haha

04.10.12, 1:46 PM | Posted by HHH

I could see a 5 year old playing soccer near the archery field,”Mommy Mommy look at me!”‘arrow fires'”OWWW MY HEAD WAS THERE!”

11.17.12, 9:02 PM | Posted by Debbie

The archers need their practice.

11.20.12, 8:17 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Sneaky, they didn’t leave a number to call if you want to sue them.

06.15.13, 11:03 PM | Posted by Darkus

So that’s why the entire team had arrows in their knees.

09.12.14, 7:01 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I come from Alabama with an arrow in my knee.

02.27.15, 9:17 AM | Posted by jake


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