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Smokers Will Be Pummeled

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Restaurant, Warning

“Smokers Will Be Pummeled With Punishing Blows All Over Their Bodies”

Photo taken by Dou at a restaurant near the Tokyo Dome.

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11.17.12, 9:15 AM | Posted by therealhannah

they deserve it for ruining my air!

12.12.12, 9:54 PM | Posted by The Doctor


04.20.13, 4:51 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

Then the smokers will be directed to the designated smoking room, which contains an atmosphere of 100% pure oxygen, and blast resistant walls.

07.13.13, 10:52 PM | Posted by Noel

Lol they’re already dying, no need to aide the nicotine

10.08.13, 2:35 PM | Posted by bob

don’t I wish

11.01.13, 10:19 PM | Posted by Darkus R.

Kill those long-tongued zombies!

02.09.14, 7:57 PM | Posted by Tris

That’s my sign…

09.28.14, 10:48 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

To No. 3: In pure oxygen, those people would be reduced to cinders in a matter of minutes!

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