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Se Habla Espanol Most of the Time

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The staff at this Quality Inn speak Spanish most of the time, unless they decide not to.

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10.25.12, 4:08 PM | Posted by therealhannah

no habla espanol!

11.20.12, 6:52 PM | Posted by Jay Niells

PPFT….some Quality

11.28.12, 10:43 AM | Posted by WolfVillage

When Internet access works and We can use google translate.

01.10.13, 10:23 PM | Posted by Don

OK….I’ll just go to that Super 8 next door….I heard they have a night shift Spanish speaking desk clerk.

01.10.13, 10:26 PM | Posted by Don

How smug can one get…they know that a Spanish speaking person can’t understand the second part.

07.07.14, 9:46 AM | Posted by SheSaid

@ Don, then that should encourage the Spanish speaking population to learn the English language, right? Just sayin’…

09.13.14, 12:18 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

¬°Que lastima!

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