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Road Closed Due to Flooding

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Road, Warning

Well… that’s helpful.

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02.24.12, 8:33 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i cant see why

03.03.12, 5:46 PM | Posted by mike

oh man that means i have to turn my boat around

06.07.12, 7:05 PM | Posted by Trust

just a suggestion though,
you just do your thing anyways

08.10.12, 1:24 AM | Posted by Justine

Captain Obvious meets Captain Courtesy.

04.08.13, 6:02 AM | Posted by Slenderman

well, i did NOT know that!

12.28.13, 5:06 AM | Posted by Sanjay

Oh. GOD. I have to swim all the way back !!!!

02.11.14, 9:27 PM | Posted by Me

You don’t say, man I drove all the way out here for no reason!

09.29.14, 9:00 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Is that a fact! No wonder my wheels are wet!

12.18.14, 1:20 PM | Posted by Yoshi

What if I normally get around in a boat?

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