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Remove Hand and Try Again

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“Place hand approx. 2″ below dispenser. If no soap is dispensed, remove hand and try again. – Provon Brand Soap”

Photo submitted by Colleen Rush

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08.14.11, 2:15 PM | Posted by Michael H.

Love it!

09.06.11, 4:04 PM | Posted by Lee

That is soooo stupid.Show me where it says SOUP? It don’t somebody don’t know how to @#$% read. IGNORANT PEOPLE

09.11.11, 4:31 AM | Posted by Crazy

lee **** you

10.11.11, 6:21 AM | Posted by Johnathan

how is this funny?

12.01.11, 10:49 AM | Posted by Beastman

@Lee: you just went full retard.

01.05.12, 11:10 PM | Posted by Marie

I don’t get the funny?

02.14.12, 1:29 AM | Posted by a dead guy

do i really need to take off my hand?

04.10.12, 2:18 PM | Posted by HHH

So, I have to get a surgeon to remove my hand and put back on to retry?What a ripoff, never washing my hands with provolon again.

09.01.12, 8:49 AM | Posted by furpurr

LEE, JOHNATHAN, MARIE: seriously?? do we need to explain this?? the side comment SHOULD have been: …’cause if you just put your stump under there, it usually works… 😉

12.31.15, 1:35 PM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

@furpurr, now that’s funny.

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