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Religion Free DVD Player

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How do they know the DVD player doesn’t believe in GOD?

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05.05.12, 9:21 AM | Posted by Peggy

No, really, I want the Presbyterian!

12.12.12, 8:10 PM | Posted by therealhannah

gonna be a little hard to figuire that one out

12.21.12, 9:11 PM | Posted by rubbox

It is suppose to be “Region free”

01.12.13, 12:41 AM | Posted by Mike

Well, at least it doesn’t wake us up at 6am preaching against internet. (JW joke coming from a JW.)

05.02.13, 11:02 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

Athiest DVD player!!

05.23.13, 8:40 PM | Posted by credible

‘coz the muslim DVD players will not play porn

05.24.13, 6:33 PM | Posted by Amanda

What if we want our dvd players to be religious?!?! Are there also specific denominational dvd players???

06.02.13, 6:56 AM | Posted by Jessica

also, it’s like *chinese/japanese/something* DVD *chinese/japanese/something*

08.20.15, 9:00 PM | Posted by Steven Duglosch

Makes this working

08.20.15, 9:02 PM | Posted by Steven Duglosch

For a finaui

08.20.15, 9:05 PM | Posted by Steven Duglosch

Need help programing dvd playera for funai thanx

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