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It seems like there is one “food group” that is a little overrepresented.

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12.20.11, 8:41 AM | Posted by Major Rip'd

I’m ready to EAT!!!

12.23.11, 9:36 AM | Posted by Evans Graphics

Now that is getting into the christmas spirit, literally!

02.03.12, 6:25 PM | Posted by therealhannah

lets EAT!!

08.30.12, 12:44 AM | Posted by ME oH..

Oh.. let’s see… I can have wine or… wine, I can get drunk…. o i cr b drun. Kkk

03.06.14, 11:19 PM | Posted by Lew

Great! I’m doing a “cleanse”!

09.17.14, 2:56 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Ask Allan Sherman:

For dinner a nice Scotch & soda,
Now that oughta help you to lose;
No whipped cream, no butter, just lie in the gutter
And booze, booze, booze!
Suppose you should meet a policeman
Who claims you’ve been quenching your thirst?
You just tell him it’s physical fitness
And health comes first!

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