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Radiation – Hooray!

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Nothing like a co-ed radioactive dance party.

Photo taken by ddhouser

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May 19, 2011 · Posted by joyce Keiper

Radiation site.You ,too,can glow in the dark(and enjoy it?)

July 03, 2011 · Posted by Wolfie665

Fukujima public school?

October 07, 2011 · Posted by JHugg

Is the girl flying? Oh yeah, radiation gives you super powers…

November 19, 2011 · Posted by trevor

great at rave parties

February 24, 2012 · Posted by therealhannah

y does the girl only have 1 leg?

August 13, 2012 · Posted by LewisM

Shredder… no dancing (or: watch your feet)

August 16, 2012 · Posted by wolfie1232

Why does she have one leg

April 23, 2013 · Posted by Linda

YAY! Radiation!

September 12, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

How would you like to shine in the dark. Throw those light bulbs away. Read by the light of yourself.