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Racist Grocery Store?

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09.30.11, 12:03 PM | Posted by Steimy

We prefer Caucasian.

04.22.12, 5:03 AM | Posted by Pet

How racist! They left out blacks.

10.26.12, 10:59 PM | Posted by TIM

how can they be racist? by american law they think calling us white people this term is “educated”
only i white people call them by other terms we are then racists

i find this B/S

05.20.13, 7:13 AM | Posted by The Shadow

This is stupid! How in the world can crackers be Mexican and Chinese!?

07.15.13, 9:11 AM | Posted by Noel

White crackers

02.11.14, 9:14 PM | Posted by Me

I’m white, and i love eating crackers, does that make me a cannibal?

03.15.14, 5:13 PM | Posted by bill

It’s a joke the name is completely off color. its just whoever organized the isle was not aware of the street slang meaning of cracker.

12.18.14, 12:45 PM | Posted by Yoshi

What isn’t racist to you humans?

12.13.15, 12:10 PM | Posted by Dawn

They sell crackers that are both Mexican and Chinese.

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